Trade Secrets | A Novel | by Holly Rozner
Holly Rozner | Trade Secrets TRADE SECRETS is the financial story that has never been told--it takes the reader on the trading floor of the world’s largest Exchange where money was pocketed before a trade was processed. When Remy Masterman becomes a member of the Exchange to unearth the details about her father’s car crash, she comes head to head with Zach Silverman, once her father’s partner and now Chairman of the Exchange. During the crash of 1987 when Zach’s bagman, Jason, faces bankruptcy, his high-heeled wife, Sarna, learns to trade in order to save their mansion from foreclosure. As the lives of these two women intersect, Remy falls in love with Ken Baldwin, never imagining how their careers will collide. Sarna begins a steamy affair with another trader who turns out to be an undercover agent for the FBI during its probe into trading infractions at the Chicago exchanges. When Jason’s clerk is pummeled, along with those investors who misplaced their money with their faith, he and Sarna create a bold, sexy scheme to save Remy and rid the Exchange of those who try to get away with murder.
Holly Rozner graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in English and Speech before being granted a C.P.A. certificate by the University of Illinois. Rozner was a tax specialist and then began trading S&P options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where she was a member for twenty-two years, serving on the Leasing, Member Services, and Finance Committees. She is now President of Money Smart, Inc. Trade Secrets is Rozner’s first published novel. | Trade Secrets
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